• Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon
  • The Untold Story of Milk, Ron Schmidt
  • Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Weston A. Price
  • Real Food, Nina Planck
  • From Scratch, Shaye Elliott


  • The Elliott Homestead — Shaye writes about homesteading, real food and her farm. Her blog is a delight to read. Shaye is hilarious, loving and hardworking. Her posts about cows in heat are just as fun as her posts featuring recipes.
  • Mommypotamus — A real food blogger, Heather opens up about her health and her family. Her posts range from DIY shampoo to homemade coconut milk to natural home births, and I love them all.
  • The Urban Poser — Jenni shares grain, gluten, casein and refined sugar free recipes on her blog. Because of her passion for food, her dishes are practically gourmet — so delicious! Gorgeous food photos too.
  • Domestic Man — Russ’s recipes are what I’d call real food “cuisine.” Another real food cook, Russ creates gluten-free and Paleo recipes influenced by international travel and history. Again, they always look delicious. He also writes about the journey our food takes from farm to table.



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